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Self Love, Awareness, Worth, and Mastery

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Helping You Become A Good Steward Of Your Life

It’s Time to Love Yourself and Love Your Life

Being a good steward is doing our soul work, so we can live a life reviewed, walked through, and then shared with love and acceptance of self. The book of our lives no longer a mystery, and instead now a map.

What Is Life Stewardship?

Make a declaration to Grow-In

Only you can take that first internal step. It must start from within because no one can make this journey for you.

Meet yourself through your words

Your words reflect what is in your heart, experience a new “life vocabulary” as you continue your internal journey.

Find the true nature of your beauty

Move beyond the antiquated and overused “beauty” labels to access your inner beauty, and you will find self-love.

Claim your "Shine Bright" life!

Now you can live a full life mentally, physically, and spiritually as you achieved inner healing and heart restoration.

How Do I know If this Journey is Right For Me?

The transformation journey is a highly effective and rapid means of releasing the hidden potential of people and helping them reach their goals and objectives more quickly than thought possible. As a Transformation Coach, I guide my client’s change and growth. We work together to bring clarity and peace to the present in what we call “Real-Time.”

My Approach

What I offer is much more than just a ‘How to..’ approach to spiritual transformation. The “90 Day Transformation” is a personal, self-tailored journey. I am a seer and a healer. I listen to what you share, and then I listen further. I have the ability to see what needs to be pulled out and re-visited from a different perspective, one that encourages you to grow IN.

I am a mirror. I have an uncanny ability to reflect back exactly who you are being. I teach you the beauty of going slow, so as to not miss a step. I show you how you can get unstuck by flipping your thoughts.. looking at things from a different perspective. I help you address your fears by teaching you that all darkness is just unrealized love, that needs to be loved through, and brought into the light. It always comes back to the joyful gift of self-acceptance and self-love.

How It Works

Schedule a 1 to 1

Let’s connect to determine if this process of self-actualization will be beneficial and if you are ready for these intensive sessions.


Choose a Journey Plan

Start this exciting process of self-discovery with Session 1 or learn more within the mini self-love transformation.

Reach Your Goals

Free yourself to live in real-time, to love without attachment, ultimately seeing that everything is connected and we are all One.

Self Love Workshop

Lays the essential foundation of self-love and provides an introduction to Internal Journeys process.

More Details

We have to first stop engaging with our own toxic conditions. Some not even known. It takes time and practice to master, and not just to deny these traits or shove them down deep inside. We are all humans-trying to learn to love our good, bad, and ugly which releases the negative holds on these pains.  They melt into rivers of love, and we no longer separate ourselves and those we love. It is a test of faith like none other.

Transformation 1 Beginnings

An introduction to your true self and the practical disciplines required to start your internal journey for the first 90 days.

More Details

Start a 90 Day Transformation, and I will assist along your journey. Whenever two or more are in his presence is how this works. The first step is the hardest, and it will become a way of life. Once we know we can do better, this work becomes a staple item to the goodness it provides. Life is a gift, so make sure you choose to wrap yours in a world that is created by and lived on your terms.

Spiritual Exploration to Connection

Imperative for those who wish to achieve self-mastery while seeking a deeper connection to the divine.

More Details

Something has come over you. A longing to be closer to God, closer to the divine, closer to open pathways further than here; both neurologically and cosmically. If you are interested in being close to God, and loving your life more than ever this session is for you. Internal Journeys is non-denomination. We work for God and are here for this expressly. Please know this is a “how you thing” not a “how to thing”.

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