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Frequently Asked

How do I get started?

We meet for a Spirit-led conversation in order to determine if we are compatible to work together and to cultivate the journey ahead.

How do I achieve success?

I work with you to create a personal commitment statement, the goals to work on during your transformation journey.

How often do we meet?

We meet twice a week, back to back days, for up to one hour.

Day 1)  I read to client one blog a week, from the text and ebook, and then we create their personal lesson for the week.

Day 2) We meet at the end of the week to discuss realized works.

How do I stay accountable?

We only move forward if client has realized the lesson, if not we find next steps to it and stay with the work until processes.

What is the end result?

As you connect to your true self, fears are faced, love accessed, your personal truth is recognized.

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Internal Journeys

The essential guidebook to finding your true colors in life and vibrating to their frequencies.

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