Learn to Love Yourself

Your Handbook for Personal Growth!

Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation

This book serves a self-love transformation guide to your own life’s unique and beautiful unfolding. This Spirit-led process, and our guide Internal Narcissus, moves alongside as a supportive friend, chapter by chapter, as we uncover the richest aspects of our lives and begin to vibrate within our natural frequency. We witness our minds, and our lives, catch up with the beauty and truth of our vast inner knowings. There is endless compassion and peace in the internal place beyond where time began. Let’s journey there, together.

I Am In! …Are You?

Transformations 1, 2, and 3 take 18 -24 months to complete with a 90-day break between each course.

Transformation 1 Self-love

An introduction to your true self and the practical disciplines required to start your internal journey for the first 90 days.

Transformation 2 Self-aware

You have identified your true self, now move beyond the barriers of the negative self and focus on your desire for a fulfilled life.

Transformation 3 Self-worth

Experience true self-love and forgiveness and master the ability to share your internal journey transformation with others.

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