I understand if you are not a believer of self-love transformation work.

There are lots of perfectly understandable reasons why. You did not receive any coaching or examples showing you what to do along your life-journey, or maybe rejected them not ready to hear their truths. Life is distracting at its best and even more so at its worst. Having been very distracted by myself and the world, I had built myself into. That is until I started my “True-North” journey at 43 years here. Determined to heal my pain and free my heart, I set a chart for emotional freedom like nothing else existed in the world. Emotional freedom is a real place. I won it and live in the now and will testify that once experienced the payoff of a “Self-Love Transformation Journey” inspires you to Believe yourself free of negative energy and harmful circles that perpetuate no real joy in life.

Spiritual Awakening is a gift that lasts a lifetime. The life you have been waiting for finally starts and you live in an entirely different way from the past. If you want, of course, and I did and continue to do every day, so I practice what I guide, and dive into new ways of furthering the results to live and create a life on purpose. The dream is not a lie. We are designed for greatness, and the reason no one told us is that they did not know either, and is part of our journeys here to find this out on our own, so no one tricked you, and you will have to fool yourself though.

First, you will have to un-hypnotized yourself from you! This is the coolest part, though. Once this is achieved, you can choose how to create your life on your terms, and not through the old patterns of broken thinking. This means that you can create anything from the heart.

Second, decide to find and keep mentors in your life who motivate and inspire you to never give up on yourself. They will help you keep your new dream alive and kicking!

Third, convince yourself to love yourself deeply and then commit to finding out what that means for you and all that you do. This is how you create the life you want; whatever, you want. This is a real thing, and there are proven systems to document and create a life experience by design.

Are you inspired to create a new blueprint for your life and do not know how? One that wills consistency and will rise up to meet you every day. I am here to tell you that you can, and I believe in you, and you can be willed true.

Commit not to keep Circling IN the same old patterns day to day and year after year. Learn to love free from attachment. Learn to live a life free of debt and with more money than you need each month. Learn to love yourself like no one is watching and give yourself the strength to be who you came to be.

You are a fantastic co-creator with the Universe. You are created to Shine Bright IN all the hues of your own intentions; to find out who you came to be and not keep being who you ended up along the way!

This is your dream – let’s activate it!

Kellie J. Wright is a Self-Love Transformation Guide, Host Conscious Speaks Alternative Talk 1150 KKNW, Transformational Speaker, Author, Blogger, and business owner at internaljourneys.com. Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her actualized process called “The 90-day Transformation”. kelliej@internaljourneys.com (909) 273-9600