It’s a Wonderful Life… New Ways Can Open New Doors.

“Be a good steward of your life.” These words came to me fully catching my attention. I was driving down a winding backcountry road in Eatonville, WA. Backcountry roads offer beautiful openings, spiritually-evoking mediums that cause new ideas to float down all around us. But what exactly did it mean?

Now listen carefully, for this is what came next… and it might just be the single most significant shift in gears that we can leave our family, friends, and humanity. Being a good steward is doing our soul work, so we can live a life reviewed, walked through, and then shared with love and acceptance of self — the book of our lives no longer a mystery, and instead now a map.

Think about the movie “It’s a Wonderful Life.” George Bailey, the main character, is about to lose everything he had worked for and built over his entire career. He had given up on so many of his dreams in real-time, always doing the next, right thing as it was presented. This left him straddled in between the path he had longed for and the one he was drawn to, and it had left some internal scars. He was also blessed with life more abundant than most, one with so many wonderful treasures: his beautiful family, friends, and the Bailey Savings & Loan.

In the end, none of these wonderful blessings, good deeds, and self-sacrifices made for others, would protect him from the mishaps of another’s journey. It is important to remember that we are all connected and in relation to one another, and sometimes it is those closest to us that will accidentally create the most devastating situations. George Bailey was about to come up against his dark night of the soul. When he realized he was worth more dead than alive, because of his life insurance policy, he fell into despair and decided to jump off a bridge. In answer to many prayers from the people who loved him, and whose hearts he had touched, an angel, Clarence, was sent. He tried to stop him from this dark decision. Blessedly, a few scenes later, George finally agrees that he did not want to die, but that everyone’s lives would be better off if he would have never been born.

Now, pay careful attention here too, because this is where Clarence had a chance to show George “a life reviewed.” One where he was never born. Clarence says to George, “Strange, isn’t it? Each life touches many other lives. When he isn’t here he leaves an awful hole, doesn’t he?” Immediately I felt yes but then shook my head. What if we do not have to? Do we have to leave a hole? Do we have to leave with holes?

I will answer these questions in part 2 of this post.

Kellie J. Wright is a successful Self Love Transformation Guide, Transformational Speaker, Talk Radio Show Host, Author, Blogger, and business owner at Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their truth through her actualized process called “The 90-day Transformation”.