To love oneself is to commit to nourishing one’s soul.

Driving home from work yesterday, and these words came to me “Be a good steward of your life” ~ It caught my attention that this is the single most important gift we can leave our family, friends, loved ones, and humanity: a life reviewed, walked through, and shared with love.

Let me be clear, what we are talking about is a loved over “hand-off.” A passing of a baton that becomes a lightsaber of tools and gifts laden with the touch of long pondered awakening thoughts, and uniquely acquired insights. Personal stories shared in the earnings of the golden rules of life passed through with no regrets because of having made peace with our pasts.

This activates a life’s gifts in a soul journey, ones that you do not know you have until much later on in life, for we cannot understand what we do not know until the day we do. And then so sharing them has to be a plan. Part of a “leave no fears behind” program. Designed to encourage bravery and courage as our guiding lights and truth north. Familial treasures that if brought to life can clear linear history that has been carried over and forward for too long.

At Internal Journeys we believe to be a good steward that one has to be a little bit Yoda and a little bit Captain Kirk. Daring to go where you have never gone before, so you can clean house and leave in joy and peace once your time has come. Simply put, to be a good steward is imparting and sharing the positive and negative energy transfers that can bring balance to the lineage of lives that have touched us, and that we have and will feel too. Sequencing seeds that will grow and harvest some of the most fertile and long lasting, loving residues.

Making peace with our lives is how we become good stewards, and this will look different on everyone, for we all take the many shapes and forms of our lives as we are meant to, and not the other way around. There is no right or wrong, either, if we are all being “humans-trying.” Knowing that how we leave our loved ones behind when we go becomes a peaceful pause in our soul journeys as we forward on, and they remember in real time the conversations and connections that have set their hearts afire to roam free while still tethered here in the now.

Live long and prosper, is what I hear as a farewell. Reminding those we love to keep close to the kinetic fires of destiny. Where our ancestors sit ready to be called up anytime sought in earnest, so to remind us that we are not alone and that we will see them again one day. Leaving our families with the knowledge of thy fruits and cherished labors and our mistakes and remises is what will keep their inner hearts open to hear us when they are in need. Allowing our lives to blend and flourish with the love that we are deep inside and are never without. This baton grants permission for all who should hear the call to take off where ever we have left off, and whenever they want to because they are self-assured knowing that they are breathtakingly beautiful and that there is no greater joy of a human soul than to give and receive love freely.

At Internal Journeys, we call this soul-free.


I decided to write “Good Steward” over from a love-based point of view. The original came to me while driving home one day, and my recommendation was to stay in real-time. Tending to our heart-truths, so that the real legacy of a life lived and traveled can be one that contributes to the wellness, and well-being of our generations, we will leave behind, and the ones yet to come.

I guess it leaves this to be asked. Do you think that if we pass our wisdom and truths on instead of keeping them locked away that this is a good “new way” to open new doors to a better way of growing a family, community, and society forward? I do, and, at Internal Journeys we call this moving from mind based thinking to heart-based being, so we can be the love we came to be. Freeing our minds, so to live from our hearts.

This truth electrifies my abilities of reason, it fuels my desires to share and grow out loud evermore, so that others may too hear their inner call – to find their lightest light, and in who they came to be.

This is a heartfelt plea to humanity so that they too can find the truth that all is one, and one is all.

Kellie J. Wright is a successful Self Love Transformation Guide, Transformational Speaker, Talk Radio Show Host, Author, Blogger, and business owner at Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her actualized process called “The 90-day Transformation”.