Wear your faith and brand of love… Inside out.

Let me qualify, that at every second we choose who we are and how we react. We exist in the middle of the bodies that hold us here, and we can change the way we feel about ourselves and our lives at any moment. That is, once we give ourselves permission to love ourselves first and foremost, exactly as we are.. making the most of each moment.

Accepting that each person is uniquely beautiful, here on their soul journey doing their own thing, exactly where they are supposed to be. No shame or judgment, just living and doing the best they can. This planet is a machine of life ~ it is a living breathing entity encompassing all humanity. All moving parts are needed, and we must do the best we can to keep it moving forward. Never discount the fact that this is our Creators world, and we are accountable for specific disciplines.

I will admit, that I do not know the whole reason why I commit again and again to keep questing and inquiring, trying to dive deeper, meditate more, and listen further ~ maybe to earn the right to hear and share the answers. But until then, I strongly urge each of you to love yourself.. so that you can truly love others. I do not think we have to have all the answers to be faithful to God and love. It is my belief to follow my heart and intuition and am 100% spirit-led. My number one crossbow (stronghold) is that I do not care what it looks like on the outside. I wear my faith and brand of love… inside out.

My mind perceives and goes distances that others do not, and probably do not want to ~ but this is my life journey, my choice before I came here. It is what I am designed to do. This does not mean that others cannot or will not ~ it only means that we all have different paths to take this life around. The beauty is that we all come from the same place, from One designer ~ God.. and are here to be the splendid souls we were meant to be.

This is why clothes do not make the man per se, and that real beauty resonates from within, once we connect in real time happenings with Creator, knowing that we are One and are never alone. We have nothing to fear and love is the only way through. We are designed from pure love, and this brand is sewn into our internal DNA from birth, from one life to another. We continually become stronger and more beautiful as time goes by.

God’s divine plan is so much bigger than any of us. Why, is a question we can ask forever, or we can just do our very best every day to be mindful and present. Committed to being the best person we can be while here on planet earth… walking life with passion and love… caring for one another as each day is gifted to us. Knowing that if we spent the same amount of time lifting each other up as we do try to conquer, divide, and protect ourselves from each other, both mentally and planetary, that life, and the world could at once start shining brighter!

John Lennon said it the best “Imagine all the people living life in peace.” I believe we can all exist inside a world of peace if we create it.. but it starts within each one of us. We cannot change people, places, or things.. only our self, singularly, one thought, one action at a time. We can choose love over fear, and do the next right thing, thus genuinely affecting others by Being the change we want to see in the world.

Kellie J. Wright is a successful Self Love Transformation Guide, Transformational Speaker, Talk Radio Show Host, Author, Blogger, and business owner at internaljourneys.com. Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her actualized process called “The 90-day Transformation”.