The heart has only one designer label ~ Love.

I cannot give you any self-wisdom because we are all designed differently. It is a gift given at birth, from God. We already have this knowledge within us, so you do not need me or anyone else, to set your wings a flight, or breathe the air beneath your wings to set sail. There are some of us that were built to assist in these areas though…

Listen close, for this wisdom resides in the front of your throat and underneath the lungs in your chest. Pure magic ~ called Spirit. It’s the white light of love that lies inside the place that we all come from. A kiss at birth from God/Creator, and it needs the fresh air from here.. to lift our bodies rhythmic internal cosmic connection into this life.

See, I believe that when we die, we come back again ~ that we really do not die at all. It is a transmutation from one moment to the next, inside a breath that becomes a body filled with magic.. the divination of eternity in the essence of unbridled love. We use these bodies as actual breathing apparatuses, for our souls to come down and participate with each other while here on planet earth. All facilitated so that we can see, touch, feel, live, love, cry, stretch, grow, and fall ~ ahh. As we all go round.

Internal Narcissus believes that life is not an accident.. the travesties that happen and the joys we experience are not incidental. We come into a body that is designed to experience the teachings that are intended. We chose our parents and our parents chose their parents.. to gift us with the opportunity to come here and experience ~ who we are meant to be and to fulfill our intended purpose.

This is why I implore for each of us to be more relaxed and kinder to one another. Not to judge each other for where we are at in our personal journey, or how we show up along the way. But to be a “soul-oriented” human who finds strength in weaknesses and weakness in strengths, as both are chinks in our armor ~ there to teach us how to learn and grow through the different layers of vision, perception, and understanding while we are here.

We believe it is imperative to understand that our lives are predestined, from the choices and agreements made with Creator before we came here. It is a contract we made with Spirit for the personal journey of our soul’s individual needs. So again, this is why I beg of you to learn to love yourself and everything that presents in your life exactly as it is ~ for it is perfectly orchestrated with all the learnings that were agreed upon, and therefore what we came here to learn.

This includes where we are monetary, financially, and spiritually, even when our bodies are broken and bruised, or have been changed significantly by the thrusts of life. Or how we were delivered into these costumes and disguises, in the shape of earthly bodies, to learn our lessons of destiny. I believe it is essential that we rise and rally to be who we were meant to be, within these bodies we were given, and accomplish what we came here to do, at this present moment in time.

Kellie J. Wright is a successful Self Love Transformation Guide, Transformational Speaker, Talk Radio Show Host, Author, Blogger, and business owner at Kellie is on a passion-filled mission to help individuals discover their own truth through her actualized process called “The 90-day Transformation”.