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Self Love Transformation Guide

Helping You Find & Forge Your Own Path

90 Day Transformation

Love yourself more deeply and honor the truth and beauty that is within you.

Life Encouragement

Read my blog and understand the unique process of personal growth and renewal

Self Love

Knowing how to care and heal yourself through all of life’s ups and downs, the essential pathway to personal freedom. 

Self Awareness

Becoming aware of your words when speaking to yourself and others and understanding the power of your actions.

Self Worth

Defining your own value or worth as a person beyond your circumstances or the expectations and perceptions of others.

Self Mastery

Discovering your personal self-truth to access your ability to love and forgiveness, becoming the artist of your life

What Is Internal Journeys Coaching?

The 90 Day Transformation is a powerful process, created with the purpose of shining bright light on new ways to love yourself more deeply and honor the truth and beauty that is within you. The journey will rebuild your life. 

Who Is Internal Journeys Coaching For?

Everyone and anyone who would like to connect to themselves more deeply, and for people who want to create lasting change in their lives. We can’t wait to make a change or make adjustments in our lives. 

What is The Process Like?

Throughout the 13-week course, Kellie, your Self-Love Transformation Guide, leads you in Spirit-led conversations via phone, twice each week to discover your true self. This is referred to as your “unique frequency” that enables you to transform and unfold a new beautiful life!

Step 1: Introductory Call

We meet for a spirit lead conversation to feel if we are a good fit to work together and to cultivate the journey ahead.

Step 2: Commitment to Discover Your True Self

The client creates a personal commitment statement (goals to work on for the transformation journey.) They also receive my book, Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation, to use as a guide for personal homework.

Step 3: Consistent Personal Engagement

We meet twice a week for up to one hour.

Day 1)  We first meet to review transformation content from my published texts and eBook, and then we create a personal lesson for the week.

Day 2) We then meet at the end of the week to discuss action, contemplation, and realized works.

Step 4: Gentle Accountability to Achieve Success

We only move forward if client has realized the lesson, if not we find next steps to it and stay with the work until processes.

Step 5 Graduation!

As you connect to your true self, fears are faced, love accessed, your personal truth is recognized.

90 Day Transformation Packages

Transformations 1, 2, and 3 take 18 -24 months to complete with a 90-day break between each course.

Transformation 1 Self-love

An introduction to your true self and the practical disciplines required to start your internal journey for the first 90 days.

Transformation 2 Self-aware

You have identified your true self, now move beyond the barriers of the negative self and focus on your desire for a fulfilled life.

Transformation 3 Self-worth

Experience true self-love and forgiveness and master the ability to share your internal journey transformation with others.

Preparation and Follow Up Packages

Self Love Workshop

Lays the essential foundation of self-love and provides an introduction to Internal Journeys process.

Spiritual Exploration to Connection

Imperative for those who wish to achieve self-mastery while seeking a deeper connection to the divine.

Internal Pathway

The 90 Day Transformation is a powerful process, created with the purpose of shining bright light on new ways to love yourself more deeply and honor the truth and beauty that is within you.

Over this 13-week course, Kellie works with you in Spirit-led conversations via phone, twice each week. She guides you to find your true colors in life and leads you to vibrate within your own unique frequency. As you travel on your personal spiritual journey, Kellie is your Self-Love Transformation Guide, walking alongside you, and encouraging your transformation to unfold in beautiful and life-changing ways.


The Internal Journey forms the basis for the discovery of self-love. Learn to forgive and let go of internal blockages. Thank you, Kellie, for the stimulating process of love, forgiveness and living a life of spirit-led journeys!

“A step by step guide through personal transformation, meant to awaken and stir the soul projecting the reader into a life worth living and giving and sharing with others. It’s not a how-to or self-help tool but meant for those seeking greater knowledge and relationship with the self. I highly recommend this book to anyone searching for abundant love- you will find it.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Your Internal Journey Today!