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IN Compliance

I understand if you are not a believer of self-love transformation work. There are lots of perfectly understandable reasons why. You did not receive any coaching or examples showing you what to do along your life-journey, or maybe rejected them not ready to hear their...

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In Harmony

"The Limbic Brain and the Luminous Body” “Just as the limbic brain stores traumatic memory, the luminous body stores the same information in another form. In the luminous body, trauma becomes an imprint of disruptive information. This energetic imprint will stay there...

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Will you remember?

You have a strong connection with your inner guidance systems. They are here to assist you throughout your day. They provide little reminders to stay positive, light, and optimistic about your connections to self and life. When we start to pay attention to these signs...

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What Are You Willing to Risk?

There is a way to love yourself. To be free of judgment, fear, ego, pride, and jealousy. It is the most beautiful place to live and it is yours to keep, once you find a personal connection to your authentic self and God. Self-Love can become a way of life. It takes...

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Self-Love Pancakes

I love pancakes and made some today. I went all out too. Now this means a couple of different things, so let me explain. It mostly means that I went all out for me. Here is how it went. First, I drove 38 minutes to the store to get vegan butter. I needed a couple of...

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I am still a hopeful romantic. I still believe in love at first sight. The power of love, and all its divine intricacies and intimacies too – loving someone’s balanced dark and light. It’s like loving the sun and the moon. Opening up to let-in, during the waxing and...

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Have you ever heard the phrase “We are all mirrors” and wondered what it meant? Internal Journeys is here to shine new light on ‘mirror-work’ and it goes like this... We believe that all people are teachers to one another. Our interactions trigger responses deeply...

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Live a Life Reviewed Part 2

It’s a Wonderful Life... New Ways Can Open New Doors and More. In my previous post, we discussed the movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life.” I mentioned that we needed to pay careful attention to Clarence while he was showing George “a life reviewed.” One where he was never...

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Internal Journeys: A Spiritual Transformation

Internal Journeys is about learning to love yourself, so you can love others. Remembering that there is only one you and you are your most prized possession. No one knows you like you, no one can reach you like you, and your life is your gift to behold. Internal Journeys is about finding your true colors in life and vibrating to their frequencies.

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